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The Compliance Office manages processes that ensure compliance with federal and local regulations established for scientific procedures in research and academic activities. The Office monitors and regulates the participation of people, the use of live and dead animals, the management of chemical substances or hazardous materials and in ADN research, as well as academic studies at all SUAGM institutions. The Regulatory Committees are composed of members that represent the majority of the academic disciplines of the three SUAGM institutions, along with members of the community, as required by law.

Compliance Office

The principal responsibilities and functions of the Compliance Office are classified into four components:


  • Advise academic programs on the importance of complying with the established standards and procedures in a responsible and ethical manner in all scientific and educative research done at SUAGM.

  • Advise in the case of a non-compliance report.

  • Coordinate the handling of biological material and chemicals with the Health and Occupational Safety Office.

  • Ensure that all SUAGM scientific research collaborations with other institutions comply with established standards and regulations.


  • Constantly evaluate that established standards and procedures are carried out in compliance with those federal and local laws that regulate scientific and educative research projects.

  • Evaluate the impact of laws and regulations that follow scientific research that is executed, coordinated or sponsored by SUAGM.

  • Be vigilant of the execution of standards that regulate scientific research at SUAGM.

  • Participate in installation inspections to guarantee compliance with the laws and standards that regulate scientific and educative research.

  • Participate in meetings with the Regulatory Committees as an advisor to clarify doubts related to compliance.

Communication, Education, and Certification

  • Establish and maintain effective communication with federal and state agencies that decree the laws and standards that regulate scientific and educative research sponsored by SUAGM.

  • Keep the university and scientific community informed of those laws that are in effect and that regulate scientific research.

  • Design and coordinate compliance workshops for the university community.

  • Provide certification workshops required by law previously approved by the regulatory committees.


  • Develop and update assurances related to research with regulatory agencies.

  • Design forms and documents for compliance in scientific research.

  • Organize and guard those documents and files related to the activities and functions of the Regulatory Committees.

  • Assist the Regulatory Committees in the development of procedures, guides, reports, and files.

  • Provide administrative and secretarial support to Research Compliance Committees.

  • Attend audits both internal and external in order to evaluate the Office process.

  • Develop instruments for compiling regulatory information.

  • Implement and supervise the standards established by the Committees.

Permanent Committee Regulators

  • Board of Human Research Protection [IRB] – research related to human beings.

  • Biosafety Committee (IBC) – research that uses bio-hazardous materials.

  • Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Animals (IACUC – care, use, and handling of animals).

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Conflict of Interest.

  • Responsible Research Conduct.

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